The Confidence You Need

Whether you need simultaneous interpreting (for large conferences) or consecutive interpreting (for a smaller group), or even escort interpreting (for individuals), you must have complete confidence in the interpreter. UC Translations selects only the most qualified interpreters to meet your needs. We can provide on-site interpreting equipment. Even with short notice, we always assign the best interpreters to meet your needs.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is UN style. Most frequently used for large conferences or meetings, simultaneous interpreting requires that the linguist interpret what the speaker is saying as they speak. Thus, the interpreter both listens and speaks at the same time. This takes intense concentration, and interpreters often work in a team, taking breaks every 30 minutes or so. Simultaneous interpreting generally requires equipment such as microphones, headsets, transmitters, and booths.

Consecutive Interpreting

Most appropriate in a smaller setting, such as business meetings, depositions, presentations where the speaker speaks for a few paragraphs, then pauses. The interpreter, having taken notes, then interprets the speaker's message during the pause.

Interpreting Equipment

UC Translations can provide the best, and most current equipment for any interpreting situation, including whisper, infrared and multichannel technology.