Our graphic artists, technology specialists, and linguists work together to ensure that the unique requirements of each language are met. Whether we are providing services in character or alphabet-based languages, reading left to right or right to left, we deliver electronic files and any requested output to meet even tight deadlines.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

UC Translations employs a full array of desktop publishing tools in both the PC and Mac environments to produce finished products in over 100 languages. We can typeset complex files in MAC or PC platforms and deliver the kind of electronic files you prefer.

Graphics Capabilities

With our library of fonts in more than 100 languages, we provide the flexibility you need, including in Japanese, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. With expertise in any application, we format your files for whatever platform (MAC or PC) and in whatever format you need.


Every languages has specific rules for hyphenation and word breaks. We apply the appropriate rules for each language. Each language also requires a unique amount of space to communicate the same idea. We work with your layout to accommodate expansion or contraction, making it seem as though your file were originally typeset in the target language.